Why is Pinterest Asking For My Birthday?

If you are a Pinterest user, you must know that Pinterest asks for birthdays just like any other social media platform. Have you ever questioned why is Pinterest asking for my birthday? It might sound very unfamiliar for a platform that provides tips & hacks, DIY projects, recipes, glow-up tips, painting ideas, and life hacks to ask for the birth date.

Today we will tell you the reasons why the Pinterest community wants to know your special day. Why does it is required for users to provide their date, month and the year they were born?  

# Birthday is important to verify users’ age.

To create a Pinterest account, a user has to cross the age 13 years old. So, to verify if you are 13 and above, Pinterest ask for your birthday. It gives them the reliability to provide the content to the right users. They are accountable for the type of users they allow.

# For more personalized content.

Birthday is asked by Pinterest to improve the user experience. It gives them another way to entertain you with the enjoyable and most relevant content. It helps them in recommending you the best ads, and data. For instance, if your birthday is in July; they will show you pins of summer outfits, summer vacation spots, and smoothie recipes.

# To meet the law requirements and comply with it.

In some countries, Pinterest asks for collecting users’ age data and by asking for your birthday, Pinterest can comply with these laws.
However, in case, someone doesn’t want to share their information, they can create a private account. But these accounts are visible only to the people you invite and allow them to have access. Also, some of the Pinterest features will be inaccessible to you. For instance, you may lack personalized experience and more.

Things Pinterest do by knowing your date of birth:

Pinterest takes advantage of your birthday to know which age group you belong to and what type of data your age group like to explore. For example, if your birthday comes in December, it may show you more pins related to Christmas or winter holidays.

Another reason is the assurance of safe and secure content. Pinterest uses your birthday to show you content that is appropriate for your age. For example, if you are not 18 yet, the platform will restrict the data related to alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse, nudity, etc.

The Conclusion

The only reason Pinterest is interested in knowing about your birthday is to make things more entertaining, safe and special for you. They want to tailor the experience according to your age and the things you usually find exciting. It is all about making your Pinterest journey remarkable. It only gives you benefits and improves your lifestyle.

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