How to Change Board Cover Image in Pinterest?

Your Pinterest board cover images are one of the first things people see when they visit your profile, so choosing the right ones is important. They should be eye-catching, relevant to your board topic, and visually consistent with your overall brand.

If you’re not happy with your current board cover images, or if you just want to give your boards a fresh look, it’s easy to change them. Here’s how to do it:

On the Pinterest website:

  1. Go to your Pinterest profile and click the Boards tab.
  2. Click the board you want to change the cover image for.
  3. Click the Edit Board button.
  4. Click the Change Cover button.
  5. Choose an image from your computer or from your Pinterest saved pins.
  6. Crop or adjust the image as needed.
  7. Click Save.

On the Pinterest mobile app:

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the Boards tab.
  3. Tap the board you want to change the cover image for.
  4. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Tap Edit Board.
  6. Tap Change cover.
  7. Choose an image from your phone’s gallery or from your Pinterest-saved pins.
  8. Crop or adjust the image as needed.
  9. Tap Save.

Tips for choosing great board cover images:

  • Use high-quality images that are relevant to your board topic.
  • Choose images that are visually appealing and eye-catching.
  • Use images that are consistent with your overall brand aesthetic.
  • Make sure your images are the right size and aspect ratio for Pinterest board covers. The recommended size is 2000×1200 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Once you’ve changed your board cover images, be sure to check them out on different devices and screen sizes to make sure they look good everywhere. You can also ask your friends and followers for feedback to see what they think.

By taking the time to choose great board cover images, you can make your Pinterest profile more visually appealing and engaging, which can help you attract more followers and views.

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