How To Tag A Company On LinkedIn?

  1. Go to the post you want to add the tag to. Or create a new one you’d like to share with your LinkedIn audience.
  2. Start writing your post, as you would with any other social status update. You can also add a photo, video, document, poll, hashtag, and more.
  3. To tag a company, type the “@” symbol followed by the company’s name. As you type, a list of potential companies will appear. Select the company you want to tag from the list.
  4. The company’s name will appear in blue and bold, which means you have successfully tagged them.
  5. Finish writing your post and click “Post.”

The company you tagged will receive a notification that you have mentioned them in a post. They can then choose to like, comment on, or share your post with their own network.

Here are some tips for tagging companies on LinkedIn:

  • Only tag companies that are relevant to your post. If you tag too many companies, your post may look spammy.
  • Be specific in your tags. Instead of tagging “Google,” tag a specific division of Google, such as “Google AI” or “Google Marketing.”
  • Write a meaningful post. Don’t just tag a company and then leave it blank. Instead, write a post that explains why you are tagging them and what you hope to achieve.
  • Use hashtags to reach a wider audience. When you tag a company, you can also include relevant hashtags in your post. This will help your post show up in the feeds of people who follow those hashtags.

Here are some examples of how to tag companies on LinkedIn:

  • To announce a new partnership: “@GoogleCloud and @BardAI are partnering to bring large language models to the cloud.”
  • To ask a question: “@Tesla, how can we make electric vehicles more affordable for everyone?”
  • To share a testimonial: “@HubSpot has been a lifesaver for our marketing team. We highly recommend them to any business looking to grow their online presence.”
  • To congratulate a company on a recent achievement: “@Microsoft, congratulations on the launch of your new AI platform, Azure AI.”

Tagging companies on LinkedIn is a great way to get their attention, start a conversation, and build relationships. It’s also a good way to get your posts in front of a wider audience. So next time you’re writing a post, consider tagging a company that is relevant to your topic.

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