How to Unmerge a Board on Pinterest?

Pinterest, the visual discovery platform, has become a go-to platform for gathering and organizing ideas, inspirations, and interests. It allows users to create boards to categorize and curate their content. While merging boards can be helpful for streamlining your Pinterest experience, there may come a time when you wish to unmerge them. Whether it’s to regain a sense of organization or to separate different themes, the process of unmerging boards on Pinterest is straightforward.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully unmerge a board and reclaim your Pinterest vision.

Step-by-Step Guide to Unmerge a Board on Pinterest

Log In to Your Pinterest Account:

Start by logging in to your Pinterest account. Ensure that you are using the correct account associated with the boards you want to unmerge.

Access Your Boards:

Once logged in, click on your profile picture or username in the top-right corner of the Pinterest interface. This will open a dropdown menu. From the menu, select “Boards.” This action will lead you to the list of boards you have created.

Identify the Merged Board:

Browse through your list of boards and identify the merged board that you want to unmerge. Keep in mind that the board you want to unmerge must have previously been merged with another board.

Click on the Merged Board:

Click on the merged board that you wish to unmerge. This will take you to the board’s page, where you can see all the pins that were previously combined.

Edit Board:

On the board’s page, locate the “Edit” button. It’s usually located near the top-right corner of the board. Click on this button to access the board’s settings and editing options.

Unmerge the Board:

Within the board’s settings, look for the option that allows you to unmerge the board. Pinterest has made this process more intuitive, and there should be an option related to “Unmerge” or “Separate.” Click on this option.

Confirm Unmerging:

After clicking on the unmerge option, Pinterest may prompt you to confirm your decision. This is to ensure that you’re intentionally unmerging the boards. Confirm the action if prompted.

Review and Adjust:

Once the unmerging process is complete, take a moment to review your boards. The previously merged board should now be separated into its own board with its original pins.

Additional Tips

Double-Check: Before unmerging a board, double-check to make sure that this is the action you want to take. Unmerging cannot be undone, so it’s important to ensure that you truly want to separate the boards.

Reorganize if Necessary: After unmerging, you might want to rearrange your boards or pins to ensure that your Pinterest profile remains organized and easily navigable.

Stay Organized: If you’re unmerging boards as part of a broader organization effort, consider creating a system for naming your boards and categorizing your pins to maintain a clear and cohesive Pinterest profile.


Pinterest’s features are designed to offer users flexibility and ease of use when it comes to curating their interests. The ability to unmerge boards is a handy tool for those who seek to refine their collections and keep their Pinterest profile organized. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently unmerge a board and continue to tailor your Pinterest experience to your unique tastes and inspirations.

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